Probably you have encountered yourself wanting to learn a new skill to increase your professional competitiveness such as Social Media, Branding or Web Development …  but your job does not let you have any free time. Or perhaps you would like to learn how to cook amazingly, but you don’t have any chance to take classes at a culinary institute. Or you have decided to hit your body into shape and start doing some exercise, but you prefer to begin at home before being in a room full of people.

You can now use the Internet to learn through audios, images, animations and videos. There are numerous websites where you can find classes and online courses that allow you to learn everything you need at your own pace and way more comfortably.

Want to know more about the benefits of learning online or eLearning? We give you our top 5:

  1. Effective learning: New resources, such as videos, are more effective for learning than the traditional classroom where the teacher is the only one speaking while 50 or more students listen and distract themselves after a few minutes. There are studies that indicate that human beings absorb 70% of the information they both hear and see, opposed to 30% of what they hear and 20% of what the see.
  2. YOU decide where, when and how to learn: The freedom that eLearning provides is really paradigmatic. In the case of Teachlr, students decide the place and define the schedule to learn. You only need to subscribe, choose your course and hit play.
  3. Learn from any device: Many eLearning platforms not only allow you to enjoy all of their features in your computer, but also in your tablet or mobile phone. You just need an Internet connection to take your courses or classes.
  4. Access to high-quality and low-cost content: Typical, you find a program of your interest, but you don’t have the money to afford it. eLearning platforms like Teachlr are an accessible alternative, as you are exposed to an array of great courses at low prices, allowing you to learn the skills you need while taking care of your finances. Teachlr also has the particularity that once you get a course, it’s yours for life! Just login and you’ll find the content available 24/7.
  5. Interact with teachers from all over the world: The Internet allows you to connect with people from any country anytime. Geographical locations are not an obstacle anymore: someone in Malaga can perfectly learn from an expert in Mumbai. In addition, on Teachlr we offer you a variety of interactive tools that maximize the whole experience. Every user has his/her own profile which allows him/her to send direct messages, participate in discussion boards, ask questions and connect with others in real time through the live streaming public channel.

Convinced? Pay us a visit at Teachlr and do something new and different.

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