Back in 2011, two young entrepreneurs from Venezuela, Moisés Annicchiarico and Ruben Benarroch, started Teachlr with the mission to empower people with a solution that could allow the simple exchange of knowledge in a cost-efficient and interactive way. After years of hard work, we have developed a cloud based SaaS customized platform that helps individuals and organizations deliver, track and certify courses in their own online school: Teachlr Organizations.

2015 was an awesome year for Teachlr

In April, Teachlr became the first Venezuelan startup to win the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas (TIC Americas) that took place during the VII Summit of the Americas. The TIC Americas is an international business accelerator developed by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and the Organization of American States (OAS), which supports young entrepreneurs who have started innovative projects that tackle poverty and improve social living conditions in the hemisphere.

tic americas edtech startup entrepreneur emprendimiento latam 2015 was an awesome year

Winning the TIC Americas opened new opportunities. Teachlr started an alliance with DevLabs in Silicon Valley, a software development consultancy that specializes in building reliable, scalable mobile and web applications. DevLabs has been crucial in defining new strategies, including the strengthening of Teachlr Organizations, the establishment of the Teachlr office in Oakland (California), and the entry of the product in the US market.

2015 was an awesome year

Teachlr was also nominated by the German Embassy in Venezuela to attend the first Program of Social Innovation in Berlin. Teachlr’s CEO, Moisés Annicchiarico, was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Relations to participate in the initiative, where he had the opportunity to meet mentors, experts and governmental representatives. He also networked with potential clients in Europe and shared with other young social entrepreneurs from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

During the first week of November, Teachlr’s COO, Rubén Benarroch joined the 22,000 attendees of more than 110 countries that participated in the Web Summit. It was an excellent opportunity to meet experts, influencers and fellow entrepreneurs with enriching stories. He also had the chance to network with key business players.

2015 was an awesome year

2015 overall was a year of growth for the Teachlr team: We added new members, developed new products and features, upgraded our design, expanded our reach and started to experiment with new strategies.

No matter our path, we will always remember our motivation: We believe that education goes beyond our time in any school or university, which means that every single one of us needs to acquire new knowledge continuously. One of the many abilities that makes us human, is the ability to learn. When we keep learning, we grow indefinitely and affect everything around us.

2015 was an awesome year. We are sure that 2016 will be awesome as well! Keep the learning chain going on Teachlr.


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