Yes, it’s true that resources are scarce and have to be well-managed. But it’s also true that companies need to invest in fundamental activities to save money and prevent higher losses in the future.

Employees might have gone to the best schools and have the greatest skills, but things change and they change fast. Your people needs to be aware of new trends and update their abilities constantly. If they don’t, unwanted problems will ensue.

Just to name a few, employees who don’t receive continuous training are prone to produce low-quality work, perform tasks inefficiently, leading more possibly to customer loss. This underperformance will naturally cause unhappiness and lack of motivation in the workplace, resulting in brain drain and thus increasing recruitment expenses for the company in the long run.

Companies are made of people

In short, successful companies depend on well-trained, skillful and highly motivated people… and the good news is that now there is a cost-effective, efficient, interactive way to deliver better training.

Teachlr Organizations is an e-learning platform that provides an easy-to-use online school designed to deliver continuous corporate training.

This new private online training system enables companies to upload and store unlimited educational content in various multimedia formats. Create and manage your own courses, activities and assessments. Offer your employees 24/7 access to high-quality professional training.

Give better training and reduce costs

It has been verified that companies save between 50% and 70% when they recur to online training instead of using the traditional instructor-based programs. Teachlr Organizations does not require an initial investment, as the setup is immediate, updates run automatically and no local infrastructure is needed.

Increase employees’ productivity

Learning online on any device with an Internet connection allows trainees to better manage their time and organize their daily tasks at work. Moreover, it has been proven that e-learning increases knowledge retention up to 60% through the use of cutting edge technological tools that enable employees to better training at their own pace and master concepts efficiently.

Reinforce your brand

Teachlr Organizations is an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that is easily integrated to any existing website. Organizations upload their logo, customize the primary colors of their platform and receive their own domain.

Connect with your team

Although the training is online, the interactive element is still present. Teachlr Organizations is not only a great training platform, but it also facilitates efficient communication across departments, as leaders can connect with people from every organizational area. Likewise, it allows trainees to directly connect with instructors through assessments, files exchange, discussion boards, emails, announcements and private messages. No question will remain unanswered.

Measure results

The training Teachlr Organizations offers is personalized to the fullest, as companies are able to supervise each user’s performance through valuable insights obtained with analytics, monitoring tools and reports.

Successful companies need skillful and motivated employees to meet their goals. Teachlr Organizations gives your employees better training on any device, anywhere, anytime through a customized, interactive and flexible online  system.

Join the innovation in education.

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