At Teachlr we are aware that new knowledge is essential to face a progressively dynamic and unpredictable environment.

Each member of the Teachlr team saves time to read and research. We pay particular attention to receiving and consuming updated information that allows us to learn about new trends of digital entrepreneurship. We have adopted in our company culture the notion that in order to develop our project and face challenges in an innovative way, we must also keep strengthening our professional and personal development.

A simple, expeditious and immediate way to keep ourselves updated is through the information that experts share through their social media, blogs and newsletters. And as we love passing on any knowledge that might be useful to our community, we would like to share the list of blogs we follow in different areas.


Digital Marketing

Pam Neely is a writer and marketing content creator with a vast experience in email marketing, content marketing and SEO. We first stumbled upon one of her posts published in, and ever since, we can’t get enough of her blog and her other consistently good work in Web Marketing Today and Get Response. Get ready to learn A LOT.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Their blogs are an amazing source of information for content creators, digital marketers and entrepreneurs in general. We follow many of their writers, as they repeatedly deliver useful advice and insights applicable to our work. Make sure to check out Carly Stec, Lindsay Kolowich and Ginny Soskey on Twitter to get the latest trends on digital marketing and more. Go ahead and read a great example.

Steve Rayson is an author on Buzzumo, the tool that makes content marketers’ lives easier. He writes lengthy and well-researched posts about content marketing, social analytics, elearning and SEO based on case studies and past experiences. This is a great way to apply knowledge in your own startup or company that has been proven to be effective.  

Oli Gardner is the co-founder of Unbounce, the tool that lets marketers build, publish and test landing pages without IT or software. We found out about him through one of his posts that caught our attention just by reading the title: “9 Landing Pages That Pissed Me Off and What I’d Do to Fix Them. We love this article, because he explains what to do and what not to do through real life examples. He’s also grumpy in a really funny way, which is indicative of how passionate he is about creating the best landing pages. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with his advice and tips.

Joanna Wiebe is a copywriter with 11 years of experience in writing, editing and proofreading. She founded Copyhackers to help startups grow their conversions and reflect their brand and vision through great copy. Her blog posts are great, because besides teaching us how to do copy right, they’re examples we can emulate in our writing. Follow Joanna on Twitter.

Ash Read is your man if you need social media knowledge. He’s an author on Buffer, a sharing tool that drives traffic, increases fan engagement and saves time on social media. His posts inform about the latest trends and tools that help us seize and optimize our promotion efforts on social media. Check out his posts.

Entrepreneurship and Business

We first learned of Nancy Duarte through her outstanding Ted Talk, “The Secret Structure of Great Talks. She is an authority on public speaking, a skill that every entrepreneur and leader should master. We consistently check out her blog to find tips, insights and tricks -a great source to keep learning about effective presenting.

Chris Savage is the CEO and co-founder of Wistia, a platform that combines professional video hosting with viewer analytics, HD video delivery, and marketing tools. We follow Chris’ blog, where he writes about startups, marketing, video and company culture. His posts are insightful and drawn from his own experience -going through his articles is like having a direct conversation with a successful young entrepreneur.

Emilie Wapnick’s Ted Talk, “Why Some Of Us Don’t Have A True Calling, made us listen. In our team, there’s a production assistant who studied business, an electrical engineer who has developed a strong interest in digital marketing, an International Relations graduate who’s now a content creator for an e-learning startup. Pretty much all of us have various (and sometimes dissasociated) interests and keep developing new ones over time. After all, we live by our vision: People should keep learning new skills indefinitely. In this sense, Emilie’s message is powerful to us: “Innovation happens when you take knowledge from one field and use it to solve a problem in a completely unrelated field.” Learn more about her work here.

Art Markman is a Psychology and Marketing Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, who specializes in bringing social behavioral sciences to business. We first learned about Art through an article he published on Fast Company, “The Benefits of Being Uncomfortable with Uncertainty and next, we started to play close attention to his blog. We are not automatons; as such, we should draw important lessons from Art’s work in cognitive science to become successful business people.


The Chronicle is a weekly news and job-information source for college and university faculty members, administrators, and students. It is a great place to monitor what’s happening in the higher education world in order to figure out how elearning can fit in. There are also great opinion pieces that give interesting insight on teaching and methodology, such as “What Leaders Can Learn From Teaching Undergraduates”.

Learning Scientists is a blog where PhDs in Psychology, Megan A. Smith and Yana Weinstein, aim to increase students’ motivation through accessible scientific research on study strategies. This is a fresh, innovative and insightful resource for all teachers, professors, students and researchers, who are interested in making education a fruitful medium to real and lifelong learning. Follow the Learning Scientist on Twitter.

Innovation Hub is a show that features authors, researchers and business leaders to discuss new avenues in education, science, medicine, transportation, and more. The have an education section on their blog, where you can find insightful and thought-provoking conversations that we highly recommend. Follow the Innovation Hub on Twitter.

The Higher Education Revolution is a crowdsourcing blog full of posts written by people from all over the world who are passionate about education. Here you’ll be able to find a variety of topics that range from mobile learning and open education to teaching technologies and students’ reflections.

One of the great things of the Internet is the continuous and open flow of information it allows. Take advantage of it and learn from those experts who share their knowledge through their blogs and websites. Soon you’ll see significant growth in your personal and professional life. It has worked for us.

We invite you to visit and enjoy the blogs we follow.

And you? Do you have any recommendations? Comment them below.

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