Mattermark is a company dedicated to quantifying the traction and growth rates of tech startups from around the world. It offers key data, with which investors know where to look at and how to make informed decisions.

In early October, the Silicon Valley Business Journal reviewed a list assembled by Mattermark of 10 startups out of the 1,900 with their funding details published on AngelList that have experienced significant growth rates in website traffic, inbound links from other sites, Twitter followers, and Facebook page likes.

We were happy to learn that Teachlr not only made the cut, but got the fifth place!

Teachlr stands out as the only Latin American company on the list. The rest are either from Silicon Valley and San Francisco, or graduates from the Y Combinator– the prestigious program that funds potentially successful startups and offers training to their founders.

Teachlr has demonstrated that it has what it takes to “play with the big guys”. Its momentum is already noticeable. We are generating buzz internationally and this is only the beginning.

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