Yes, we all know something others don’t and that they probably need. Teachlr offers you the best tools to share your knowledge with people from all over the world. We encourage you to create and publish your own online course composed by short video-lessons divided in chapters, which can be accompanied by audios, PDFs or presentations.

While we all have the great opportunity to publish our own great online course, this doesn’t imply that we shouldn’t take care of the quality of the material we offer. We explain five important elements that should be taken into account for your course to be published on Teachlr:

  1. Copyright: Basic thing —the course you publish should be absolutely yours. We don’t tolerate plagiarism.
  2. Veracity: Since you’re the expert in what you are teaching, we need you to show us. Expose your knowledge in an assertive, effective and innovative way.
  3. Appearance: Your course needs to look good! You can be the best teacher in the world, but if your audience can’t hear what you’re saying or see what you’re showing, then you won’t be able to communicate your knowledge. So, take care of those details! Make sure you have an excellent lighting, a great sound, and if your course is taught through screencasts, note that your presentations are well-organized, synthesized and pleasing to the eye.
  4. Structure: The content of your course has to have a sequential order. It is important that your students know where to begin and where to finish. Likewise, you should complete all the basic information we require: title, header, instructional level, description —where you explain what your material is about and what the methodology will be— and very importantly, the objectives, since they let your audience know the new, different, useful things they’ll learn once they finish the course. Don’t forget to fill in your profile. We all need to know about the background, the experience and skills of the instructor before deciding whether to take his/her course or not.
  5. Passion: While good teachers must be well-prepared and know how to communicate with their audience, an outstanding professor are the ones who show passion for their work and inspire others while they do it. So, be authentic, be confident and teach what you can do best.

Go, ahead and start creating your great online course… And don’t forget to smile! 🙂

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