Digital marketing belongs to areas that change daily thanks to the rapid development of technology and the emergence of new tools and applications. Whenever a new social media network or technology appears and becomes massively available, it becomes evident that it can be used for advertising, as well.

 Other important solutions that will change the face of digital marketing are digitization and automation. Instead of doing human, intuition-based guesswork when it comes to advertising, new technologies will take over and produce results better than ever before.

 Direct Communication to Your Users

 Direct messaging with users has become a tool in simplifying support and sales processes. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging technologies are no longer connecting users to their family and friends, but their favorite store, publishing company, radio station or a local cupcake store.

 With the help of direct messaging, customer engagement rates are at an all-time high. It enables stronger relationships with customers and offers the convenience of texting in an environment the user is used to. 

 This personalized messaging approach gives users the feeling that your company or brand is trying hard to get to know them and that you care about their opinion.

Marketing Automation with AI, Machine Learning and Big Data

 Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms are designed to make you operate more effectively, customer relationships and social media marketing included. 

 Setting up ads, buying media space, tracking performance and targeting users are transferred over to a software application, while you can dedicate your time to other, creative-based tasks.

 Big players such as Google and Facebook will continue to promote and encourage their automation possibilities for paid campaigns. However, marketers will have to estimate when AI can work more efficiently than humans and when technology will not be able to understand the nuances of a campaign only a human touch can provide. 

If your business doesn’t use a marketing automation platform that works efficiently, it means that you won’t be able to compete in terms of marketing and sales. It also implies that you should invest a higher percentage of your income in sales and marketing activities than your competition. 

 Globalization-based industries opening doors to foreign markets

 Technology has opened business doors not only in innovation but in the basic prerequisites for entering a foreign market.

 Keep in mind that accurate language translation is not a sign of quality, but a must. Your foreign-language audience expects zero errors when they pay for a product in their language. 

 Google’s Gallery Ads

 In summer 2019, Google launched a beta version of its Gallery Ads feature. The feature should become available for the general public in early 2020. 

 Gallery Ads are Google’s response to Facebook’s carousel ads, which will only be displayed on mobile devices. Advertisers will be able to present up to 8 images, together with a title and a description, which will be shown when a user searches for a particular product or service.

 “If you decide to be one of the early birds to implement this marketing strategy, you can expect to see an increase in the engagement rate. These types of ads will help you stand out from the competition and give your users an unusual promotional experience”, says Dorian Martin, a digital marketer at TrustMyPaper.

 Cooperation with Micro and Nano Influencers

Influencer marketing has been a well-known trend for several years already, but a lot has changed since the first cooperation deals where brands offered free samples of their products in return for an endorsement. Today’s figures that big influencers charge for their posts have become very specific and very high and can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on their popularity. 

 However, influencers with a million-plus follower base are usually available only to companies that have multimillion-dollar marketing budgets.

 This is why small and medium companies have turned to people who have fewer followers but are specialized in a particular type of product or service. The ideal influencer for SMEs is a person who is popular enough to be influential but is still in close contact with their followers and isn’t drowning in sponsorship offers.

 Not only are these influencers more accessible but they often have better work ethics when it comes to their marketing commitments compared to their macro-influencer colleagues.

According to MediaKix, 84% of companies are planning to work with a social media influencer this year.

Personalized and Interactive Emails

 From the beginning of the Internet to today, email marketing is still an attractive option to engage with users. According to eMarketer, the average ROI of an email marketing campaign is 122%.

 Still, emails today don’t and can’t look the same as promotional emails we have sent out five years ago. Today’s email messages are ideal for integrating pixels that can measure their efficiency. They are interactive, full of colors and features that can be controlled by the users. They also feature a high degree of personalization.

 The content of the modern email campaign lets users know which things they have bought in our online stores so far, which articles they read on our blog, which eBooks they downloaded, and more. With this knowledge, brands can offer customers new things that are likely to appeal to them.

 New technologies in digital marketing, therefore, will heavily rely on personalization as the key to new age marketing activities. People will simply not accept spam messages and generic answers anymore.


Users love new technologies and the possibilities they provide in terms of personalization, custom content and saving time and money. At the same time, they don’t want to engage with a brand, company or service that sends out or replies with generic, cold messages.

Achieving the balance between humanity and modern technology will be a crucial challenge for the future of business, and especially marketing. What are your strategies for the present and future implementation of new technologies in your day-to-day marketing activities?


Nicole Garrison is a professional Digital Marketing Specialist and Content Creator at writing services Best Essay Education and Grab My Essay. Her career goals are focused on bridging the gap between theory and practice in digital marketing to allow readers from across the world a cohesive and approachable way of enjoying online content. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys cycling through the city and cooking international dishes.


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