Successful organizations need individuals with complete skillsets to overcome challenges. They depend on the people that make them run every day.

But human beings are not born knowing everything to achieve goals… Everyone needs to learn indefinitely, even while working at an organization.

Training programs have thus become a corporate necessity. However, these are costly: company leaders have to hire instructors, cover their traveling and housing expenses and invest in facilities. If other employees are in charge of training, their working schedules and productivity are affected.

The good news is we have a simple and effective way to deliver knowledge at organizations that reduces costs 40%-60%: online corporate training.

Teachlr Organizations

At Teachlr we have developed an easy-to-use online school designed to deliver online corporate training to employees, partners and clients in one single intuitive platform, which delivers: 

  • Simplification: Your own online schools is easily integrated to any existing website without needing a technical team or local infrastructure. Updates run automatically. It also enables 24/7 access to instructional material on multiple devices.
  • Customization: Companies build their own brand. They receive their own URL domain, define the colors of the platform and issue customized certificates.
  • Management: Leaders of organizations control the training implementation. They invite instructors, assign employees, create groups of users, upload the instructional content and are able to store it on the cloud indefinitely. The training content uploaded on the platform can be reused, updated and re-shared.
  • Monitoring: Analytics and reports enable leaders to keep track of employees’ performance.  
  • Connection: Online doesn’t mean no interaction. Instructors and employees communicate through transactional emails, private messages, notifications, announcements and discussion boards.

New development opportunities strengthens your people’s sense of belonging and reinforces their commitment to the company. Training makes them feel valued, which drives commitment and hard work.

To be the best you need the best. 


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