Teachlr™ is an eLearning startup that offers personalized solutions for organizations, creates educational content and has developed an online knowledge marketplace, where users teach, learn and connect with people from all over the world.

In our modern times students and teachers need tools that bring flexibility and independence. High operational costs, lack of classrooms and unavailable professors are a few of the problems that arise when education is confined to physical spaces.

“We believe that people should have the power to choose when, where and at what pace to teach and learn”  says Teachlr’s CEO, Jean Moisés Annicchiarico. “At first we identified the need to get personalized assistance from the comfort of the home, when our COO, Rubén Benarroch, started a project that consisted in delivering private classes to elders on the basics of computers. We then thought of offering an accessible solution through the Internet and decided to build an eLearning platform.”

Teachlr.com is born: The online knowledge marketplace that allows people from all over the world to teach and learn about any subject through online courses and live classes. Teachlr is not only an online learning platform, but also a social network, where users create their personal profiles, and connect through their Public Live Broadcasting channel, direct messages and discussion boards.

Professors and organizations must adapt and seize all the technological means to multiply their impact in education, as well as to use their resources efficiently.

That’s what motivates the creation of Teachlr Organizations (LMS Cloud), a personalized white-label platform that allows corporations, universities and schools to offer courses and training programs. “It is a learning virtual space that can be accessed through any device with an Internet connection. Students and teachers interact through live classes, assessments, discussion boards and file sharing. Both the installation and the maintenance of the software are included in the service. Other benefits include the unlimited files upload and performance evaluation tools to measure the progress of each student” adds Jean Moisés.

Educations empowers individuals – it allows them to think independently and critically, develop a myriad of abilities and their own personality. Someone with this sort of training will not only be able to fulfil his/her personal and professional goals, but will also count with the tools to solve problems in society.

Teachlr has a role in the construction of a functional community of people, as it  gives everyone the means to access education overcoming cultural and social barriers.

To learn about Teachlr, please visit our website and watch our promotional video.

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