Companies are made by the people who work in them. At Teachlr we count with persons that besides being good professionals, are also good people. Nice to meet you!

What do you do at Teachlr?

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I’m Content Director. I produce, coordinate and supervise everything that involves the written word in our page, articles, presentations, social media, emails and promotional material. I am also the one who responds on the Teachlr chat. So, if you ever had a question, you have probably spoken with me ;).

How did you come to Teachlr?

Through Mariano (Production Manager)! We were good friends in college. I stumbled upon him one day and he told me about Teachlr. Turns out that one of the founders was Ruben, with whom I had done an entrepreneurship project also in college.

Favorite phrase

The translation would be something like: “Today I can cry because roses have thorns… or I can celebrate that thorns have roses”, as remarkably told by Mario Benedetti.

Role model

My parents

Most memorable trip

Russia with my father, Washington DC with my mother, an awesome Eurotrip with my best friend, London by myself.

Some place in your travel bucket list

Hawaii, Iceland, Santorini… there are so many!

If you could travel back in time, to what period would you go to?

If my return is guaranteed, I’d go to Ancient Greece …or maybe 1500 in America.

What is that thing you’ve always wanted to learn, but haven’t been able to?

I’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument: the piano or the harp.

How do you imagine the education of the future?

I think the Finnish model is interesting, because it strives to eliminate the notion that states: “school is boring”. I would like education to be the catalyzer of imagination, creativity, innovation -process that I believe can be advanced through technology.

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