It’s already dark and late at night, but a nine year old boy is not at home sleeping in a cozy bed. He is studying, reading, writing… He’s not at a library either; sitting on a comfortable chair and placing his little arms on a clean desk.

His shirt looks too big for his size and it’s somewhat worn-out. Kneeling on the side of an empty road, he has a large book on a makeshift wooden bench and takes advantage of the lights that come out of a McDonald’s to study.

This child is Daniel Cabrera and is a third grade student from Cebu, the Philippines. His mother is a widow and his brother is ill. They lost their home in a fire and since then, live at the restaurant.

While Daniel’s family works for $1.77 a day, Daniel writes, reads and makes an effort. The boy wants to be a police officer.

Wanting to learn as an escape. Wanting to learn despite everything.

We all might not have the same resources, as inequalities are part of our reality, but we all have abilities, intelligence and talent. Daniel, this awesome little boy, unknowingly, is an example of resilience, strength and determination.

Sometimes we don’t realize of everything we have. Take a good look, be thankful and take advantage of it. 🙂

Photo: Joyce Torrefranca


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