A common question we get from the experts interested in publishing their online courses on Teachlr refers to the requisites they must fulfill in order to get their material published. In other words, what is an excellent online course?

Our mission on Teachlr is:

“Empowering people and organizations with tools and content that allow them to learn and teach continuously”.

In our team, we are committed to delivering our students the best online courses. We can’t publish just any material; on the contrary, we need high-quality content able to bring value to our users’ lives.  

Courses on Teachlr are composed of videos. They’re divided into chapters and each chapter has various lessons, which can include supplementary material, such as audios, documents, and presentations. The idea is creating courses that are concise and easy to follow.

In order to comply with our mission, we have defined a series of requisites that experts like you must fulfill when creating online courses. Follow them and turn your material into an excellent online course

  1. All the content must be originally yours; you must be the creator of every single video and material you upload in your course. While we respect the copyrights of every instructor on Teachlr, you should also respect the property of others.
  2. Among all kinds of content (video, pdf, audio, jpg), the course must last an academic hour (45 minutes) minimum.
  3. The course must have at least 5 video lessons of 2-7 minutes long.
  4. Videos must be of good quality and show clearly the content. Recommended formats: Widescreen 16:9 and a 720p resolution.
  5. Videos must have been recorded in a quiet environment without any noise coming from air conditioners, cars, and others.
  6. The lighting must be adequate.
  7. The background must be clean and shouldn’t distract the audience.
  8. Presentations and documents are legible and coupled with an audio narration.
  9. At least 60% of the overall course must be in video format.
  10. The promotional video introduces the subject in an attractive and enticing way.
  11. The title is concise and clearly exposes the subject of the course.
  12. The headline reinforces the title with further details without being redundant.
  13. The description gives the students a detailed explanation of the course’s content. It mentions: a) What the course is about; b) its methodology; c) why potential students will benefit when finishing the course.
  14. The objectives of the course clearly state what students will achieve.
  15. The cover image is appropriate, representative and of good quality. The ideal size of the cover image is 798 width x 450 height px. The minimum size of the image should be 510 x 288 px. 
  16. Your profile is complete; it includes an appropriate, representative and good quality photo, as well as your bio, skills, and interests.

So, these are the indispensable elements we expect from online courses. Now you have the guidance to create an excellent online course. We hope this list was useful!

If you need extra help in checking and visualizing what requisites you are fulfilling and which are still missing, get our cheat sheet. Just click, go to the checklist and then make a copy of the file.

dowload checklist

Questions? You can always find us on info@teachlr.com

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