Education has no expiration date. Even though companies hire already highly qualified employees, people still need to update their abilities and acquire new knowledge continuously – even after getting their college degrees.

96% of employers say ongoing education is beneficial for both the company and the employee, as it has a positive impact on job performance (An EvoLLLution Report, 2012). Besides increasing productivity, these educational programs create integral professionals prepared to face challenges and generate commitment towards the mission of the organization. The success or failure of a company relies on the skills and performance of its human force, so a well-trained and aligned personnel will be productive, efficient and pivotal to the progress of the overall company.

Nobody said it was easy…

However, offering corporate training is costly. Providing physical spaces, guaranteeing the transport and accommodation of professors, planning  schedules, are just a few of the typical complications.

The role of technology in education

The good news is that the elearning technology that allows companies to provide corporate training is here.

Teachlr Organizations

At Teachlr we have developed a secure, interactive and personalized platform on the cloud for companies interested in offering corporate training. We provide a virtual space where professors and employees interact through online courses, assessments, files exchange, discussion boards and direct messages.

And why should your company use Teachlr Organizations, you might ask:

  • Reduction of operational costs: When physical spaces are no longer needed, the number of employees can be increased and instructors can be hired long distance. Studies show that companies can save from 50% up to 70% when they replace instructor-based training with online programs.
  • More flexibility and independence: All the resources and features of the Teachlr platform can be used in any device (PC, tablet or mobile) with an Internet connection. This allows employees and professors to choose when and where to learn and teach.
  • No initial investment: Teachlr Organizations is a ready-for-use platform that does not require installation, a technical team or local infrastructure. There is no investment in technical development, the configuration of the software is immediate and system upgrades run automatically every 15 days.
  • Unlimited Content Uploading: There are no limits in the multimedia content that can be uploaded to the platform. In addition, employees get indefinite and continuous access to every educational material.
  • Administrative Platform: Access to information and centralized reports on subscribed employees and other users is provided. The platform also includes tools that facilitate the planning of activities and the creation of educational content.
  • Student-Centered Education: The performance of each employee is monitored through metrics and other tools. This enables instructors to analyse their progress, as well as to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interaction and Communication: Through Teachlr’s interactive tools, such as discussion boards, direct messages, comments and files exchange, employees and instructors communicate, discuss, pose questions and clarify doubts.

With a Learning Management System such as Teachlr Organizations, companies can manage the education of each employee, who in turn have access to an efficient, personalized and flexible method that allows them to update their skills and knowledge.

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