There is always someone who knows more than you; learn from him. There is always who knows less than you; teach him.


An expert is a person who has skills and substantial knowledge in a particular area. We all have the potential to become experts, given that the prolonged contact with a task delivers valuable information that we absorb, process and implement in our daily activities.

It is also true that we all could use an additional source of income. We might have our 8-to-5 jobs, but in such an elastic economy we must seek alternatives to make money.

This need for financial solvency has been coupled with the rise of the freelance economy. According to the Intuit 2020 Report,  by 2020, 40% of the American workforce will be comprised by independent workers, who find more schedule flexibility and independence in this new structure.

Freelance work is also possible due to new conditions: access to technology, mobile devices with Internet connection, online platforms that let those who offer work contact the ones needing skilled professionals, and co-work spaces that gather freelancers, are all enablers of this new structure.

Make money online

If you consider yourself an expert in any area and cherish your independence, there are numerous ways to make money online.

The value of your knowledge and skills, multiplies when they are absorbed by others. An effective way to share your knowledge is through your own online course. Computers, smartphones or tablets now enable people to learn from those qualified to teach, a.k.a, YOU.

Little time? You define the schedule and work on your course whenever suits you best.

No travel availability? Create your course and teach at home.

Steps to create your online course

Creating a great online course is less complicated than you might think. Steps are simple to follow and the necessary tools easy to handle.

  1. Organize all the content through an index that contains the topics you will address on your course. This will allow you to divide the topics in chapters and lessons, as well as calculate the total length of your material.
  2. Create the presentations that will be on your videos and make a draft of your script.  
  3. Start recording. Use screencasts (Screenflow for Mac, Camtasia for Windows) on your computer, which will enable you to record your image and voice on top of the presentations already created.
  4. Edit your videos with programs like Movie Maker or iMovie, double check your content and correct any details. 

Elearning platforms such as Teachlr allow you to connect with people from all over the world, who are thirsty for knowledge and willing to pay for learning new skills that you, as an expert, master. 

Register on Teachlr, publish your course and start selling it. You define the price, own the copyright and receive your payment online.

Independence, connectivity, simplicity and efficiency, are some of the terms associated with the new paradigms of education. Welcome to the future.

P.D: Need more tips to create your online course?

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