Your online course has already given you entrance to the elearning world, and while it is mandatory and important to share information about your material on social media, it is not enough.

Having a blog allows you to create an online presence essential to expand your audience and increase your sales. We encourage taking a step further to obtain the results you want.

Why should you have a blog?

Get students and start selling

A blog is one more channel to reach those who need your knowledge and are willing to pay for your course.

Better ranking in search engines (SEO)

Every time you write a post with a link to your online course, it is an additional indexed page that is generating traffic to your material. This is an excellent opportunity to improve and optimize the ranking of your online course page in search engines, increasing the number of visits.

More exposure

A blog post allows you to create shareable content, which gives you more exposure and lets you build your online presence in different communities. The goal is to spread the word and accomplish your post to be shared massively in numerous spaces.

Convert traffic into money

Once your post is published, make sure your visitors continue to your course page, so they buy it. Include a clear Call to Action, links that tell your reader where to go and what action to take next.

Connect and interact with your potential students

Having a blog also allows you to directly communicate with your potential students. It is a way to expand your audience with people from all over the world. Besides connecting, this space is where you also sustain an interesting interaction with your followers, so they can ask you questions, give feedback and even propose new ideas you can use to develop new subjects.

Position yourself

Your blog is another way to create a professional image. Some even state that it’s the new business card. Sharing relevant information makes you an useful source for other experts and people interested in your topic. At the same time, the posts you publish clearly expose your knowledge and skills, which enables you to demonstrate your expertise: your blog works as an indicative of how great your course must be.

Seize the opportunity and stand out. Did you know that only 1% of Internet users create content? Your blog is your golden ticket to that exclusive group.

Organize your ideas and re-learn

Writing intelligibly is an efficient way to internalize, comprehend, filter and organize your ideas. Writing a post also allows you to identify what topics need reinforcement and more research so you continue to grow. Remember that learning is a lifelong process! Writing, ultimately, is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and keep feeding your online course with updated information.

Share your story

We are all human beings: each has a story, full of obstacles, accomplishments, mistakes and learning. A blog is a space where you can talk about your experience and connect with your followers on a deeper, more personal level. Sharing your mission will also allow you to find your voice and reinforce your motivation to teach.

We can find an example of this type of connection in an interview we did to one of our teachers, Sayanee Basu. Note how interesting it is to learn first hand the reasons that motivated her to share her knowledge online.


Your blog allows you to meet new people. If you manage to spread your content massively and boost your online presence, you will have more possibilities to meet other experts and influencers. These contacts are a great opportunity to attend events and participate in interviews, effective strategies to promote your work, get attention and find new business opportunities.

It’s simple!

You don’t need a designer or a programmer to have a blog. For example, we use WordPress and truth be told, it has been really simple. If you need help to start your blog, we have this great and FREE online course, How to Start a Blog with WordPress in 2 hours, that will teach you step by step how to do it.

Sustainable investment

Writing and publishing a post might take you a day. However, the effects blog posts generate are long term; the visits you receive will still be coming weeks and even months later. Make sure to write evergreen content, articles able to pass the test of time, as they tackle topics that keep being relevant long after their publication.

We hope to have convinced you to start a blog.

If you already have a blog, we’d be happy to learn about your experience. Comment below :).

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