December: time of celebration and indulgence in the form of heavy eating and drinking. Cutting down is temporarily nonexistent.

January: time when panic ensues. A new year starts and virtually everyone begins making renewed resolutions that involve taking care of oneself and getting healthy.  

But instead of looking for magical formulas and crazy advice, follow the guidance of nutrition, fitness and wellbeing experts that you’ll find on Teachlr. Take their online courses and learn how to get healthy in 2016.

Build habits that last: You start the year with all the excitement of having new goals and accomplishing them, but by July, your hectic lifestyle has already made you leave them behind. Sounds familiar? We all have been there! This course brought to you by experiential trainer and traveller, Bogdan Vaida, will give you awesome techniques to build and stick to powerful habits that will change your life.

Ultimate Fitness Guide – 360 Success: 6 fitness professionals have united to teach you how to eat healthy, exercise correctly, stretch, meditate and practice martial arts. Learn the basics of fitness and reach your goals with this comprehensive material. You don’t need a gym to get professional training and advice. 

The Ultimate Productivity and Time Management Guide: Being healthy does not entail physical activity and nutrition only; you also need to have a clear head and some peace of mind. A great way to achieve it is by organizing yourself and making the most of your time, so you are able to develop and grow both personally and professionally. This great online course teaches you how to double your productivity, prioritize tasks, overcome procrastination and deal with distractions.

Learn how to get healthy in 2016, feel good and be happier. We give you great tools to help you out. 

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