Every generation is unique, as it has its family values, life experiences, broad traits, work preferences, and attitudes toward technologies.


To start with, the generation is much more than just a group of people who were born in the same period. It’s a powerful force that shapes the future for the next generations.

Nowadays, it’s a common thing that every generation has new technology requirements. Thus, it stands that people and their needs form the sphere of technology. However, it is too hard for developers to make a product that will satisfy the needs of more than two generations. Including this, it’s become clear that each generation stimulates technology progress and has a considerable influence on it.Usually, the developer of the app doesn’t focus on one persona. Developers try to take into consideration the needs of a large target audience. This makes the app popular and desirable.

Do you know how many generations have existed so far? Generally, no one knows exactly how many generations were on our planet. One group of scientists presumes that there were six groups when another one presumes that only five were known. Commonly, researchers emphasize only four generations.

Let’s see the peculiarities of every generation.


Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

This group of people is, currently, 55-73 years old. You see, this generation is the oldest and the most experienced. Baby Boomers have an awful experience of war, as they were born after World War II.

This generation, as no one previous, knows the worth of live, human rights, and freedom. Baby Boomers are very careful with their personal information, so security and privacy are essential for them. However, Baby Boomers prefer to communicate face to face, while their children and grandchildren are used to modern smartphones, wireless headphones, and smart apps, that’s why this generation was forced to use new technologies to communicate with their neighbors.

Considering all those facts, it is really hard to adopt an app that will satisfy their needs. Besides, they are not computer savvy, so it’s better to create a simple interface with clear UI elements for them. Even a simple app can be demanding and popular, and it is about an app for the Baby Boomers. The transparent product will be highly spread among Baby Boomers. Do you have any doubts? These users are interested in the quality of life, medical services, product quality, and regulation of prices. Baby Boomers are not old, that’s why they want to know all about diets, sport, and other activities for their age. They are fond of such simple, but instructive apps. Maybe, at first sight, it may be hard to satisfy their need, but it is too easy in reality.

Gen X (1965 – 1976)

People who belong to Generation X are currently 39-54 years old, and they are the smallest generation. Despite this, Gen X is the most crucial to the sphere of technologies. They were born in the period when “cold war” was stopped and the era of technologies was in the door. People from this generation were the inventors of first phones and inventions that gave the beginning to the modern devices. It seems that Gen X is bound to use smart devices now, as they have Baby Boomers and Millennials in their families they are in the center of using modern devices.

Also, technologies are very spread in their private lives and work sphere. But, they also remember their life without digital devices, so they are not fully addicted now. They can live without mobile phones. Constantly, Gen X values their time. Despite it, they will also appreciate an affordable price and their energy. They are fond of apps-reminders and to-do lists. Usually, they are the most loyal users.

Millennials or Gen Y (1977 – 1995)   

Millennials are 23-38 years old now and compared to previous generations, they are involved fully into technologies, as they don’t know life without the Internet and smart devices.

Gen Y is the first who can’t imagine work or study process without an Internet connection. They are fully Internet-addicted, it has become an essential part of their lives. Millennials can’t solve their problems in another way than with the Internet, It’s their reliable partner. Social networks help Millennials keep in touch with their old friends, relatives, and schoolmates all over the world. In work, they use apps like Slack.

This generation considers technology progress as an essential part of future generations’ life, so they are ready to work on its development. Millennials are fond of fast and modern apps with a well-designed interface. By the way, they pay more attention to the app designation and transparency than design. Gen Y leaves the best and the most suitable reviews about apps. Web-designers should read them and make conclusions as they are adopters of the technologies.

Gen Z (1996 – Today)

Gen Z is people who are 22 and fewer years old. This Generation doesn’t even realize life without the global world network. Gen Z is well-educated and independent. They  have spent their whole life with  the Internet at reach, they use it to study at school and for self-studying.  They mostly have entrepreneurial targets since they have in their possession a lot of information that can change their lives in one click. In spite of this, they are ready to ask new questions and find answers. Gen Z always tries to find out more. They are fond of diversity and equality. So, they need more apps that will advise them on how to act in a particular situation. It is connected to the social, economic, and especially political questions.

Gen Z uses social networks not only to communicate with their contemporaries but also to spread information about their activities. For instance, Telegram channels or blogs on Instagram are highly popular today. Users appreciate a simple and clear interface with the possibility to show their activities.  In work, Gen Z is fond of apps that allow creating quality content. Nowadays, Flutter is getting very popular among Gen Z as it caters to their needs and values. As you can see, Gen Z shapes the future world of technologies. 

Studies showed that some apps are popular throughout the decades. For example Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube. By the way, they don’t have the same popularity in each generation. Statistics show that Facebook is less popular today among Gen Z than in Baby Boomers Gen. While YouTube is more spread among Gen Z.  


To sum up, generations are not unique at all. They have some common needs and values, and an app can be used by more than one generation. Also, app developers should be sure that the main point of app developing is not the age of its potential users. The vaguest fact is the conditions and tempo of life, education level, and industry. Every app creator should have a big goal – to create an app that will be used by all generations for a long time.

-Cheryl Hearts


Author’s Bio: Cheryl Hearts is a passionate journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. She decided to dedicate her life to writing because she thinks this way she can be the most useful for the community. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Journalism, Cheryl started running her own blog CherylHearts.com where she’s covering topics of great interest to society.

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