Companies are made by the people who work in them. At Teachlr we count with persons that besides being good professionals, are also good people. Nice to meet you!

What do you do at Teachlr?

I’m the Production Director at Teachlr. I coordinate and supervise the production of courses and audiovisual content for Teachlr and other companies. I also assist teachers and experts in the production and uploading of their courses. When I have time left, I also manage the Teachlr Instagram account.


How did you come to Teachlr?

Ruben and Moises have been my good friends since we were little kids, so I’ve always been related to the project. After the first year of Teachlr, I joined the 4 people team. I soon began shooting videos and courses. The time passed and then we realized that we could create a whole different department which would develop a new product. That’s how Teachlr Content was born. (Teachlr Content is a service that includes the instructional design, the production and editing of educational audiovisual content).

Favorite phrase

Since I was a little boy, the phrase that has consistently impressed me the most is: “Don’t do to others the things you don’t want others do to you”. If we all applied this motto, I’m sure the world would be a better place!

Role model

There are many people who have admirable professional and personal stories. But definitely Chesperito, or as his mom called him, Roberto Gómez Bolaños, is my role model. I love the show “El Chavo del 8”. Besides being a very funny and witty show (with bad jokes at times), something that struck me was that Chespirito was the writer, producer, director and actor of the series. I relate to that, because I have multiple roles in my job as well.

Most memorable trip

I had the great opportunity to travel around Israel for a whole year. I took different courses and workshops, and met incredible people whom I love and always remember.

Some place in your travel bucket list

Asia! Besides loving Asian food, I am fascinated and curious about the cultural differences we might have.

If you could travel back in time, to what period would you go to?

I’m between two times… The times of great inventions, given that back then it was so simple to create a new product. And no doubt, the 70s: I’ve always heard they were colourful and fun times.

What is that thing you’ve always wanted to learn, but haven’t been able to?

3D animation and being able to do crazy stuff with After Effects… but soon I will!

How do you imagine the education of the future?

I imagine an universal, free, excellent,  education that can be offered and accessed by everyone equally. I want people to have the same avenues to opportunities, so everyone can develop their own abilities and achieve success.

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