In times of technological innovations, the way we communicate is constantly changing: Geographical distances or time differences are no longer obstacles for people from different continents to interact and share information.

Education does not escape this paradigmatic transformation, as technology has significantly influenced teaching and learning methods. We have witnessed the birth and boom of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Now the online transmission of videos, images, audios, animations and texts are widely used in education.

E-learning breaks with traditional teaching methods in which the professor is the only one speaking in the classroom. Now teachers interact and respond in a more personalized way, while students are given independence in learning wherever they choose at their own pace.

In these modern times of tight schedules, bills to pay and accelerated competition, people must find the most adequate and accessible way to continue to learn.

This need has found a solution in online education. According to Docebo, the global e-learning market is continuously growing: it reached revenues of $ 35.6 billion in 2011, which will increase to an estimate of $51.5 billion in 2016.

Don’t let your routine be an obstacle to learning. Come and do it on Teachlr.

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