We were not born with a chip that contains all the skills, abilities and information we need to go about in this world. Human beings do not know it all – they need to learn as they grow. One of the fundamental places where we acquire this highly needed set of knowledge and instruction is our schools, institutes and universities. It is here where we meet and connect with other people that help or accompany us in the learning process. Learning thus requires others to happen, and ultimately it allows us to relate and integrate ourselves to society.

However, education goes beyond. We are not meant to receive instructions and passively accept them as given – we are not robots. Our reasoning and thinking enable us to conceive ideas, exercise our judgement, engage in reflection. Every person is a distinct individual with different thoughts, opinions and experiences. We all are original in our personal way.

Intelligence plus Character

So, what did Martin Luther King mean with this great quote?

Yes, education means going to school and receiving valuable information from exemplary people, but is also entails a journey to self discovery. In school we learn what our talents are and how we can put them into practice.

A basic education provides us with the information and tools to acquire skills and abilities, but this does not suffice. An excellent and ideal education in addition shows us the way to develop our own personalities and grow our talents. It doesn’t dictate us what to do, it gives us the tools to observe, research, evaluate, reason and think critically by ourselves. Education in this sense embodies the process to find our place in the world, while asserting our own distinctiveness.

The Effect of Education

Moreover, we do not keep the knowledge we receive and the skills we learned to exercise to ourselves. Education also encourages us to share our abilities with which we contribute to society.

It is a cycle:

1) Others teach us;

2) We absorb new knowledge;

3) We learn;

4) We develop our own character;

5) We share our talent;

6) We teach.

Connecting with others is the door to new possibilities. Go to Teachlr, find your place and join the cycle.  

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