Despite being one of the renowned geniuses of history, Albert Einstein was humble. He recognized that it is impossible to know all things. Although the human race is characterized for being diverse, we all have something in common: everybody is ignorant to some degree.

We need others to learn the things we ignore. Indeed we are not self-sufficient. Every single one of us depends on others’ knowledge to keep cultivating our personal growth. If we all share what we know, we teach, we learn, we go forward together.

On October 15, 1931 Albert Einstein gave a speech at State University in New York on the occasion of the celebration of the tercentenary of higher education in America.

Here he emphasized the necessary connection between education, the individual and the community.

Education enables the individual to develop an independent thinking, a myriad of abilities, his/her own personality and the tools to achieve long desired goals. A well educated individual will also be able to solve real problems and contribute to the welfare of the community. Education then has a dual function: to the individual as well as to the wider community. We are all part of that process and our value as persons comes down to what we are able to give and not to what we receive.

Teachlr identifies with this idea. We are the place where experts share their knowledge so others don’t ever stop learning.

We build an educational community where the growth of every individual is important. 

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