As human beings we need to learn – it’s part of our nature. Our lives are the accumulation of our past and future experiences, and if we want to be better or accomplish our goals, constant learning is primordial. Unfortunately, time and money get in the way quite often.

For example, Joe, a college student needs to master an advanced level of Excel in order to get an internship in the company where he has always wanted to work for. He should then take an additional course. However, Joe is in his last semester, has a thesis to finish and needs to pass all those dreadful subjects that were always such a problem to him.

Evidently, he does not have the time to attend lessons and stay 3,4..5 hours in a classroom, where the teacher is the only one who speaks and 50 students listen.

How practical it would be if Joe could learn whenever he could, wherever he wished and at his own pace. How convenient  if he could take high quality courses at accessible prices given by excellent teachers from all over the world.

E-learning makes it possible. Geographical borders, schedules or money no longer shut down opportunities.

Learning makes us human. We stop learning and we obstruct our progress. We stop learning and we quit evolving as a society.

Joe took an advanced Excel online course and learned exactly what he needed. He got the internship. 3 years later he became the manager of the company and profits tripled.

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