Not so long ago, teachers, professors, and lecturers had the monopoly of the knowledge in their fields.

But what is it to teaching today if information is everywhere? We certainly have no problem with the word, but what does teaching mean?

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The answer is just what we expected. This word can have different meanings to different people. Teaching used to mean transferring knowledge or telling what we know. But certainly today, teachers must do differently because information is available everywhere.

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To all professors, with love

What we can all agree is that teaching is just a word, and we can define it so many ways. What really matters is what do you do as a teacher or what do you need as a learner.

Are you the kind of teacher that tells o asks? Do you like your students to resume or to create? Maybe you are kind in the middle of both?

Are you the kind of person that learns from reading? Listening? Explaining? Trying? What kind of teacher would you learn from?

You may know where you are, but, what matters the most is where do you want to be.

Before start morphing to the teacher you want to be, you should always remember: Teaching does not always result in the learning of those you tried to teach. And learning doesn’t necessarily come after teaching.

When talking about this, we should ask ourselves: Is learning separated from teaching? Should teachers start teaching only when already being experts in their fields? How do this two factors converge in self-taught learners?

So many questions and so many answers. Even more, so many right answers. That is the thing with teaching and learning. There is no perfect formula but there are tendencies and a well accepted common ground in today’s appreciation of learning.

So, is teaching over?

It will depend on your definition of teaching. If you want to present information about what you know, and show your students what an expert you are; then it is so over!

If you accept that students remember only 10% of what they listen to, and maybe a rough 20% of what they just see. Opposite to a 70-80% of what they can explain or 90% of what they do. Then please, continue to teach.

Teaching is all about learning

What every teacher should know is How do we learn. And only after he can try to teach.

We certainly are looking for those who want to give our learners the challenges that can lead them to apprenticeship. Those who can stimulate and create a learning environment in which opportunities to learn are endless.

Therefore, we are looking for teachers that know that it is all about the student, not about yourselves.

How can you offer a learning opportunity? and being the teacher we need.


Think like a learner:

Ask yourself how would you like to be treated by your teachers? How do you learn best? What do you like to do with knowledge? Then give your students what would be the best experience for you.

Teach for the uncertain:

Forget about the correct answer. Obviate the sterile labs. Create new combinations. Work with other subjects. We tend to teach our students the answers but we should be teaching how to act when there are no answers. After all, life is about uncertain future, unresolved situations, multiple factors and non-rational decisions to react to.

Empower learners:

Not only focus your course in them, but also give them te opportunity to create, to solve, to question, and especially give them something useful and different from what they can read online. Don’t forget to ask them to teach something to the rest or decide on some topics to learn about.

Consider the evaluation as a learning moment:

Evaluation is part of the learning process. If you want to come join us in the future, and be the teacher we need. Forget about judging in evaluations and start making the questions that will help others to learn and invite them to look further into the issue.

Define and respond to clear purpose and objectives:

This will lead you, and your students into a share and clear path. Find out how in How to define your course objectives

Keep learning, improve yourself, and ask for a survey constantly.

As teachers, we should remember that we offer a service, not only to our students but to society. Therefore, we should be improving ourselves constantly. Understanding that if nobody learns from or due to us, then we are not really teaching.

Is teaching over?

Maybe not, maybe we can save our species. But in that order, we need to evolve.

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