On Teachlr, every published course must have a promotional video. This is your strongest presentation card within our community, because apart from allowing you to introduce the topics you’ll talk about, it is the perfect opportunity for other users to meet you and observe how you speak and think.

But beyond being the first approach and the tool to persuade any potential student to take your course, your promotional video is a great marketing instrument to promote your material and spread the word… and we don’t insist groundlessly:

These stats show the power that videos have to attract new clients -in your case, new students-. The great advantage of videos is that its content is transmitted immediately, which makes it easy to consume. Images, effects, sounds and music allow you to express your creativity, increasing the possibility to attract and retain the attention of users for longer.

We have reached a fundamental conclusion after having produced more than 30 courses and assessing every material that Teachlr receives: your promotional video must tell a story to communicate the value your course delivers and the results students will experience once they finish. In other words, you must communicate clearly how the knowledge you share will solve a problem or a need your students might have.

You must take special care of the first seconds of your video. In fact, due to behavior parameters modified by web browsing, our attention span is lasting 9 second only! These few instants are key to hook your audience: If the video disappoints from the beginning, the person will not watch it till the end. Be sure that the quality of your video is impeccable (just like the rest of your course) and that your message is transmitted effectively.

Your promotional video maximizes your reach

The reach of your promotional video multiplies even more when you use social media:

  • YouTube has over a billion users.
  • Mark Zuckerberg claims that in 5 years the majority of the published content on Facebook will be in video. Additionally, Facebook users watch 4 billion streams a day.
  • Twitter discovered that videos boost RTs by 28%
  • A study that measures the behavior of adults online, revealed that they’re more likely to share (39%), comment (36%) and like (56%) a video than a blog post.

The combination of video and social media make up an excellent tool to spread the word. Seize the power that social media gives you to reach more people!

How to create your promotional video

And if you don’t know to create and market videos, we got great courses that show you how:

The importance of your promotional video comes down to its capacity to introduce your course, entice your audience and maximize your reach.

Do you have any doubts? Do you want to share your experience regarding video creation? Tell us more on the comments 🙂

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