When we say fear of technology we are not suggesting that you get scared every time you see your computer. We know that’s not the case (especially if you’re reading this). We’re talking about the anxiety caused by having access to the endless possibilities and tools that an internet connection has to offer but not being able to take full advantage of them.

The world is much more connected thanks to the Internet, and even though this is great news, sometimes it turns into a challenge, because we are required to keep up with the continuous flow of information if we want to be efficient and have great results at what we do.

There is a chance you might be afraid of the internet, if you relate to any of these signs:

Sometimes it feels like you’re missing out. Whether researching for a report or just browsing the news, you get a vague feeling that there is a world of resources and information out there that’s out of your reach.

  • You’ve had the feeling that there are many things you don’t know. You know the facts are very likely to be out there, and there may be a program or an app already designed to simplify what you’re already doing. The problem is that you’re not sure how to reach them. This happens to everyone, from your aunt that’s learning to browse Twitter and keeps asking you what an # means, to experienced professionals in demanding areas such as research or education.

You try to avoid by all means any task that requires the use of a program you don’t know well. It doesn’t matter if it’s creating a shared appointment, sending a group email, or curating content, editing a promotional video or creating an online course. If it sounds too complicated, you try to find another way, or someone to do it for you.

The thought of learning to use a new digital tool makes you nervous. It doesn’t matter how many times your coworkers or friends have offered to teach you how to use Prezi or Google Drive, and told you it will make your life a lot easier, you’re still afraid of not being able to learn or doing a bad job at it.

At Teachlr, we know these signs very well because we have seen them before. Luckily, we also know how to overcome the initial fear of trying something new. Truth is, the Internet has made a great number of things possible that were not so easy to do before, and the world is adapting to this new reality.

For example, a lot of our teachers have experience with traditional teaching and the idea of creating an online course makes them really anxious. But in the end, they all have had a great time, turning into online teaching enthusiasts that would repeat the experience without having a second thought.

If there’s one thing they can all agree with, is the importance of not being afraid to try, because innovation is a wonderful thing. If by now you’re interested in creating your course, we have all the tools to help you. And even though we may not be able to help your aunt navigate her new Twitter account, we can actually give her (and everyone who’s entering the digital world in any way) a useful piece of advice, and that is practice as it is the best way to learn. Give it a try and you’ll find yourself thinking like one of our teachers in no time.

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